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5th grade American History

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2/4/19 - Projects Presented


​2/5/19 - Projects Presented

2/6/19 - First Battle of Bull Run                     and the Battle of Vicksburg

2/7/19 - Battle of Gettysburg                         Homework - pp. 422 - 428


​2/8/19 - Other Battles


American History

     Mr.Jowell Peden .


Class Syllabus

Contact information: Email: jpeden@dallasisd.org

Conference time: 11:55 to 12:40 by appointment only.
Website: www.jowellpeden.com

The following Social Studies objectives for American History will be covered during the 2018-2019 school year.

Citizenship - Our national identity and participation in the democratic process; leadership in a constitutional republic and the fundamental rights of American citizens as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and other amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Culture – Understand the contributions of various racial, ethnic, and religious groups to the United States

Economics - Understand basic economic concepts.

Geography - Use basic geographic tools and concepts and how geographic factors that influence people’s lives.

Government - understands the major concepts of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

History - Understands the effects of the European colonization, conflict between the American colonies and Great Britain, and changes that occurred in the United States.

Social Studies Skills - Use problem-solving and decision-making skills, while working independently or with others, in a variety of situations.

Textbook – My World Social Studies; Building Our Nation – Until further notice this book is to stay at home and will be used for homework reading only.  Homework will be listed on the classroom board on a daily bases.

Daily Classroom Materials: Students will bring a pencil, Social Studies Journal and Daily Planner to class.

Grading Policy: Late work will be accepted with a 10 point deduction per day late up to three school days.  After three school days, late work is not accepted.

Testing Policy: There will be a minimum of two tests given each six-week period.  Tests will be announced will in advance in class.  Quizzes or Pop Tests are not actual tests and will only count as a daily grade.  Any student who scores below 70% may request a retest.

Project: Every six-week period each student will have a project to complete.  The project bounds will vary from six-weeks to six-weeks.  Information on projects will be posted on my Website.

Tutorials: Tutorial studies are offered Tuesday through Thursday before and after school by appointment.


Class Expectations

Students will be respectful to all others in the classroom.
Students will be prepared for class with appropriate supplies.
Students will not bring backpacks to class.
Personal electronics will not be out during class without permission.



Verbal warning
Parent Contact

Welcome to 5th Grade American History! ​

4th six weeks project due February 4th, 2019

For this six-week project the student has two choices:

Choice #1 is a research paper over a historic figure from past from the first people to set foot on American soil through The Civil War.


Outstanding Work                        Good work                              Needs Improvement

3 pages typed                      2 pages typed                              1 page hand written

     Single spaced                            double spaced                            Spacing not uniform   
      12 or 14 font                              12 or 14 font                                         N/A 

    Well written, no                            Well written few                                 Numerous 
   misspelled words                        misspelled words                       misspelled words

    Well arranged                               Meaningful                                  Hard to understand
  and meaningful

  Immaculate paper                          Neat paper                                         Messy paper

Choice #2 is a PowerPoint (or video) of a person or event that took place anytime up to the end of The Civil War.  I am interested in videos with military servicemen and women who served in times of war and other interviews that would have historical value. 

                   POWERPOINT and VIDEO RUBRIC

Outstanding  Work                Good                  Needs Improvement

10+ pages                           8-10 pages                       0 - 8 pages

 Well written, no              Well written few               Numerous misspelled  misspelled words           misspelled words

  Well arranged                  Meaningful                  Hard to understand         and meaningful    


   Attractive                       Nice appearance                     Unappealing               and creative

Choice #3 is a display on the life of a historical American person showing portrait pictures, family and friends pictures, and pictures of major personal and emotional events with descriptions and captions of each.  

Outstanding Work           Good            Needs Improvement

10+ pages and 5 + friends    5 -10 pages / 3 friends      0 - 8 pages   

No misspelled words           Few               Numerous

Well arranged                  Meaningful      Hard to understand

and meaningful 


Attractive and          Nice appearance       Unappealing