Mr.Jowell Peden .

Projects due May 15, 2017


This Sixth six weeks projects will focus on people important to American History.  
Each student will research a historic person chosen or assigned to them.  They will be the class authority on that historical figure.  They will also make a short presentation to the class about their studied person.  

1.) Project paper will be 2 pages using 12 to 14        font and double spaced.

2.) Papers will be written as student    interviews of the historic figures.

3.) One student created picture/drawing      will be attached.

Week of 5/15/2017 to o5/19/2017  

 5/15/17  Project Presentations

 5/16/2017 Project Presentations

 5/17/2017 Review for Six Weeks Test

 5/18/2017  Six Weeks Test

5/2/2017 Field Day 

American History

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5th grade American History

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