This fourth six weeks projects will focus on people important to American History.  
Each student will research a historic person chosen or assigned to them.  They will be the class authority on that historical figure.  On project day students will sit together in small groups and have conversations as if they were the historic person they have studied.  They will also make a short presentation to the class about their studied person.  
                  PROJECTS DUE APRIL 10, 2017 Introduction with five fact about the historical figure.  

each presenter will ask three analytical questions of the other member/s of the group presenting.  

After presentation student will ask three simple questions of the class about their historical figure.

Project will also be judged on the manner the material is presented to the class.

W. B. Travis Social Studies
5th grade American History

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     Mr.Jowell Peden .

Week of 4/10/2017 to 4/14/2017  

 4/10/17  Project Presentations

 4/11/2017 Project Presentations 

7 Activities leading to WWI  

 4/12/2017 Six Weeks Test

 4/13/2017  Project Presentations

4/7/2017 No School 

American History